Chief Electrics Specialist in Charge
- ready to take responsibility

Chief Electrics Specialist in Charge (CESC)

Qualified quality

In terms of occupational safety,

you receive only the best advice from us.

  • We assume the duties and responsibilities of CESC as an external service completely or only in parts
  • We qualify employees to be CESC by “Training on the Job”
  • We support your internal CESC
  • We advise and assist you in establishing a legally compliant electrical engineering organization – from evaluation to implementation
  • Together we define processes, responsibilities and task distribution
  • We document occupational safety
  • We implement the quality and safety management; also across with other management systems

What are the responsibilities of the CESC?

The Chief Electrics Specialist in Charge (CESC) performs a very responsible job for the company.  He must be ordered by the management to do so and reports directly to it. The CESC does not need to be employed directly in the company. There are also ways to externally order a CESC. ITW Schindler GmbH offers the following possibilities:

  • Qualifying your own employee to CESC (Training on the Job)
  • Supporting the internal CESC by taking over operational tasks
  • Assuming full CESC function with technical authority or parts of it as an external service
  • Moderating in parent CESC circles

What are the tasks of the CESC?

  • Organization: Defining and monitoring roles / responsibilities and a corresponding responsibility structure for electrical operational work safety.
  • Qualification: Creating a high-voltage qualification matrix, Empowering and appointing responsible people, determining and prioritizing the required qualifications of employees in the affected areas.
  • Precaution: Performing introductions and instructions, defining emergency operations, coordinating the development of uniform safety standards.
  • Measuring and work equipment: defining, documenting, checking and setting involved measuring and work equipment in the electrical engineering field; transporting, storage and disposal of high-voltage batteries.
  • Workshops, test benches and laboratories: Reviewing and Developing deployment, inspections modification and commissioning processes.
  • Documentation: Creating and Verifying risk assessments, process, work and operating procedures and policies and guidelines in the field of electrical Engineering.

What do you gain?

Regardless of whether you already have a CESC as an employee or you choose not to  have a CESC on your site – The ITW-Schindler GmbH takes over these functions according to your wishes  and needs, either in full or only for specific tasks.

Who will find this interesting?  

Every business owner who carries out electrical work according to DIN VDE 1000-10.

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