Electrical Consulting
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Consulting and process management for electro technically compliant organization

You have an HV structure in your company – with different levels of training for your employees, and you wish to make sure that your organization meets the current demands in both legal and technical terms.

Legal Background

All requirements are based on the German constitution, Article 2, paragraph 2, “Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity. The freedom of a person is inviolable. These rights may only be encroached by basis of a law. ” Based on this, there are various laws, rules, regulations and information, eg. Working Conditions Act (ArbSchG), Social Law VII, VDE and DIN standards, EN, ECE, DGUV note 1, DGUV information 200-005, and many others, which you as an employer need to consider.

What can we do for you?

We help you to establish a legally compliant organizational structure. We analyze the current situation within your company based on an extensive checklist. This checklist includes the following six main areas:


Evaluation columns


In each of the main areas, detailed sub-items are checked and recorded. The results will be compared to the requirements, which then lead to measures and recommendations. After that, we will be happy to support you in implementing these measures and, on request, to regularly evaluate the results.

What do you gain?

With our goal oriented support, you ensure a legally compliant organization regarding electrical technology within your company and ensure a standards-compliant implementation in the fields of start-up, operation and maintenance.

Who will find this interesting?

Every business owner, every executive, every CESC who carries out electrical work according to DIN VDE 1000-10.

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