Battery Guideline

 Our expert knowledge protects you from possible dangers!

Due to the increasing electrification of the powertrain with more and more electric and hybrid vehicles, questions about Li-ion batteries are becoming more and more the focus of public debate. Many car manufacturers, suppliers, racing teams and many others work on and with such batteries or even produce such batteries themselves.

With increasing popularity, the associated dangers are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. Batteries can quickly catch fire or even explode if handled improperly, even burns with serious health consequences are possible.


Experts in this field are scarce and hardly available on the free labor market. So ITW-Schindler GmbH will close this gap for you.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of electromobility and support car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide in the safe handling of electric vehicles and batteries.

What do you gain?

Upon request, we will create a Battery Guideline for you, which will describe all important aspects in dealing with batteries and electric vehicles. Each Battery Guide is tailor made and developed as well as implemented by our experts with their local staff.

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