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Our partners from the academic world and the Chamber of Commerce support and complement our offer and allow the sharing of resources and potentials. Benefit from the advantages of the sponsorship– all from one source.

Electro mobility connects


DHBW Engineering Stuttgart e. V.

Every year since 2008, the Formula Student Team of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) Stuttgart has designed and manufactured a formula racing car. Motorsport enthusiast students of Faculties, technology and social services are all involved. Also in the current season track almost 100 students that have the common goal to build an electric-powered racing car over a period of 12 months. As of yet, the students have launched so successfully in the Formula Student competitions that the team is currently in 10th position in the world rankings, with a total of 122 teams.

What is Formula Student?

Formula Student is an international design competition, attended by university teams from around the world. The task is to draw up a formula racing car for the competition category Combustion (FSC) or Electric (FSE). Since 2012, the team of Stuttgart DHBW has occurred, in line with the energy transition, with an electrically operated racing car, that answers to the name “eSleek”. Meanwhile the eSleek15 was launched.

What is ITW Schindler’s contribution?

The ITW Schindler GmbH supports Formula Student team not only financially but also with advice and expert opinions as well as training. For instance, we provide the Electrical System Advisor (ESA) for the team or perform the training for the Electrical System Officer (ESO) in terms of safety requirements for the workshop, and in testing and pit.

“You need an  A-team to build an eCar.”

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ITW Schindler in the Formula E!

HWA AG originated from the motorsport department of Mercedes AMG GmbH. The racing team was the child of the company founder Hans Werner Aufrecht. The company has been hugely successful in the DTM racing series in the past 20 years already. And, starting with the 2018/2019 season, HWA AG has been competing the Formula E for the first time. To signify this change as the start of an entirely new era, the team has also changed its name to “HWA RACELAB”.


What does ITW-Schindler GmbH contribute to this?

We at ITW-Schindler GmbH support HWA in their success story and are not only actively involved in the field of electrotechnical safety and occupational safety, but are also ourselves sponsors of the HWA racing team.


Cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Audit Committee

Advanced training, which ends with an IHK examination, stands for accurate and uniform national vocational qualifications. The wide range of seminars and training courses is developed inter alia with partners from industry. The business practice is the main focus.

What is ITW Schindler’s contribution?

The coaches of ITW Schindler GmbH yield very specialized knowledge and huge professional experience. This comprehensive knowledge is of use for the audit committee of the Chamber of Commerce for the approval of the “Certified electrician automotive technology”. But that’s not all – beyond that, all coaches are appointed as examiners at the Chamber of Commerce Audit Committee to take the final exams for “Certified electrician automotive technology” in the latest state. A particularly close cooperation exists with the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Munich and Oberbayern.


Lectureship at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW)

The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Stuttgart is one of the largest universities in the Stuttgart and Oberer Neckar area. Around 8,800 students use the more than 40 recognized national and international undergraduate studies at the faculties of business, engineering and social work. Around 2,500 selected companies and social institutions, the Cooperative partners, work together with the Cooperative State University.

What is ITW Schindler’s contribution?

Oliver Schindler, Managing Director of ITW Schindler GmbH, supports the DHBW as a lecturer at two locations: In Stuttgart he lectures for example, about “power engines” (additionally) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. On Campus Horb the content of his lectures are currently “Alternative Drives” in Mechatronics. An important aspect is the practical teaching of (professional) everyday knowledge.

Electro mobility connects

Showcase “Electro mobility connects”

Within this extensive project, the ITW Schindler GmbH is involved in the “elaboration of a qualification process due to increased requirements under electro mobility for new to be qualified professionals”.

Objectives: To meet the increasing demands around electric mobility, a qualification process for new professionals to be qualified is being developed and implemented. Training opportunities for electric vehicles and high-voltage technology are being created to meet future training requirements. At the center of attention are trainees in mechatronics and in the commercial sector.

The project is one of 40 projects in the showcase ELECTRO MOBILITY CONNECTS from Bavaria/Saxony and is funded with 197,841 Euros by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as part of the showcase initiative of the German Federal Government.

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