Machine safety and CE marking

Manufacturers, operators and importers must ensure the safety of their machines and products in accordance with the state of the art. We can check your equipment for legal safety in accordance with EU directives, the Product Safety Act and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. We can offer you solutions for CE conformity assessment procedures, substantial modification of machinery and state of the art testing. Based on a careful analysis of your equipment, we can offer you services tailored to your needs.



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CE Conformity Assessment Procedures:

Having to carry out a conformity assessment procedure can have several reasons. Firstly, manufacturers and importers of machinery for import into the EU, for sale or for their own use must carry out a conformity assessment procedure and affix the CE marking to the machinery if applicable directives require this.

Operators of machines must carry out a conformity procedure as soon as machines are significantly modified during conversion measures or when complete units are created during expansion.

Together with you, we determine the measures to be implemented and what documentation you need to obtain legal certainty. In the CE conformity assessment procedure, we carry out a risk assessment with risk analysis and risk evaluation in accordance with EN ISO 12100, research applicable EU directives and harmonized standards, and prepare operating instructions including the declaration of conformity ready for signature.


State of the art of existing machines:

According to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, operators must regularly check the state of the art of their machines as part of the risk assessment. We use current rules, regulations and standards to check whether your machines comply with the current state of the art and provide you with measures for implementation.


Conversion, expansion or modernization of machines:

Rebuilding, expanding or modernizing machines are frequent processes in companies. However, these projects must not ignore the need to check for significant change and to create overall machine integrity. If a machine is substantially changed, a conformity assessment procedure must be carried out. Several factors are considered during the inspection, which we would like to evaluate together with you. When assembling or extending machines, the operator of the machines must check whether he is creating a totality of machines. The production-technical and safety-technical connection is considered. If a totality is created, a conformity assessment procedure must also be carried out here. As soon as operators have to carry out conformity assessment procedures in these cases, they become the manufacturer of the machines, affix the CE marking and assume legal liability. We would like to help you remain legally secure in all cases.

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