DGUV Information 200-205 is replaced by DGUV Information 209-093

The technology of high-voltage systems is constantly developing. Therefore, there are also regular innovations for work on vehicles with high-voltage systems.  DGUV Information 200-005 "Qualification for work on vehicles with high-voltage systems" will be replaced by DGUV Information 209-093 "Qualification for work on vehicles with high-voltage systems" from July 2021.

The new DGUV Information 209-093 is available as a download from DGUV under the following link:

Qualifizierung für Arbeiten an Fahrzeugen mit Hochvoltsystemen | DGUV Publikationen


The following significant changes have been made compared to the last DGUV Information 200-005 (2012 version):

  • editorial adjustments
  • Assignment of a new DGUV number (previously 200-005)
  • Clarification of the scope of application, e.g. not to be used for qualification of electrical engineering work on
  • track guided vehicles
  • attachments and mounted equipment in accordance with the Machinery Directive
  • low-voltage electrical installations on vehicles
  • vehicles with permanent connection to the mains during use
  • water and air vehicles
  • Inclusion of new terms such as High Voltage Qualified Person (FHV), Qualified Instructed Person (FUP)
  • -Inclusion of the step-by-step model for qualification measures also in the service area


Please contact us at any time if you have any queries or are unclear.


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